From the CEO

CEO Obi Esorochukwu Phil, fundly called SirPhil(a.k.a Mr.Simple) by his youth fans, is a highly motivated Youth Development Expert. His passion for the youth started from his village to a national and international level. He is a Youth Trainer of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) of his nation, Nigeria, for over 5years on the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) project of the federal government. Currently, he and his team conduct youth seminars in different African Countries and in the United States of America.

He founded Hope4OurYouth Foundation in his Village, Okuku, Owerri-West Imo State, Nigeria in 2010. The foundation has its focus on Youth Development.

Phil’s definition of living a fulfilled life is living a life on Purpose. He found his highest joy, passion, drive, happiness and fulfillment in Youth Development. That is his Purpose. He does everything about it to the glory of God. His highest motivator is the Holy Spirit, hence his two major discussions in life remain YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND INTIMACY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Phil observed that God has always used the youth to bring national and world transformation whenever there arose great need like in our days to save nations and the world. In his Christian belief, he uses Bible characters like: Joseph, Esther, Mary, David, Moses etc, and even the twelve disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ (all youths) as reference points.

His greatest question has been “Why does the Almighty God place much values on the Youth, but our Leaders and society don’t have God-kind of values for our youngsters” Phil has not found an answer to his question from his Nigerian and African Leaders yet, and he is still asking, now, the world.

His youthful challenges and that of other young people from his environment that seemed frustrating and hopeless gave rise to the name of the NGO “Hope4OurYouth”. Hope4OurYouth Foundation therefore submits itself to be used as a platform to help God Find and Raise Youth and to use the youth to transform nations and the world. There’s Hope4OurYouth!


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